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  • (01)479 9040 / (01)479 8201
  • CIMA Peru

Befriend CIMA

$ 9,000.00 Needed Donation

Designed to partially meet a child’s maintenance and training needs. This program includes the donation of US$ 20 per month. Likewise to the Godfathers/Madrinas Program, Friends/Friends receive periodic reports about the status of the child who is their friend and can (their friend will be very happy) contact them by phone, emails, etc. Whenever you want.

Academic Studies

Some of the children are schooled in public schools in the area. Those who have a significant school delay, too low educational level or who have strong behavioral problems follow their schooling directly at CIMA with teachers at the Center for Alternative Basic Education (CEBA).

All children, who are enschooled in public schools or CIMA, participate in leveling classrooms during the week.

These classrooms aim to:

  • ALFABETIZAR TO CHILDREN who have not attended school
  • MOTIVATE AND DEVELOP THE STUDY TASTE (using alternative educational methods with dynamics and drawings)
  • WORK VALUES (discipline, participation, equality within the group)

To work with different school-level children, leveling teachers develop progressive modules tailored to each school level.

The workshops

The workshops – farm, carpentry, confections and crafts, fabric painting, music, hydroponics, technical initiation and computing – take place from Monday to Friday.

The workshops aim to:

  • A THERAPEUTIC FUNCTION.- Through the workshops the discipline is learned and values are transmitted. In addition, the workshops serve as an occupational therapy, occupying the hands and minds of children so that, in this way, they do not have time to think about bad memories of their life before CIMA.
  • THE ACQUISITION OF A TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE.- The workshops give children a technical training, which can serve as the basis for future work. Some children have decided to specialize in this area and have got a job.
  • THE VALUE OF TALENTS.- Workshops offer the opportunity for children to develop their manual skills and discover that they have talents.
  • THE GENERATION OF OWN INCOME.- The workshops help in the economic part of the institution in several ways:
    • Generation of products for domestic consumption (agricultural activity)
    • Generation of products for sale (products from the workshops of fabric painting, crafts and beekeeping)
    • Performing home maintenance work.

Your help is essential to ensure that more and more children and adolescents have the possibility of a better future

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