• Dirección: Av. Luis Felipe de las Casas S/N Km. 21 Cieneguilla - Lima - Perú
  • (01)479 9040 / (01)479 8201
  • Luis Felipe De Las Casas SN - Cieneguilla - Lima 40 - Perú
  • (01)479 9040 / (01)479 8201
  • CIMA Peru

San Juan House

$ 5,000.00 Needed Donation

Residence A-2

The San Juan house or A-2 residence, welcomes teenagers between 15 and 18 years of age. In the A-2 house live some teens who had frequent drug or alcohol use. In order to get out of their addiction, they have medical and psychological support. Participate in the training and therapeutic workshops offered by CIMA, as well as to continue their schooling with teachers who come to the House-Home. In CIMA the young people of the A-2 house have many responsibilities: every day they get up early to prepare breakfast for everyone and help collect food donations. In addition, they are responsible for caring for animals at night, supporting for example the animals that stop.

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