• Dirección: Av. Luis Felipe de las Casas S/N Km. 21 Cieneguilla - Lima - Perú
  • (01)479 9040 / (01)479 8201
  • Luis Felipe De Las Casas SN - Cieneguilla - Lima 40 - Perú
  • (01)479 9040 / (01)479 8201
  • CIMA Peru

Special Donations

$ 10,000.00 Needed Donation

They are cash contributions intended to meet a specific need or to finance any of the infrastructure improvement projects.


Made in cash, which are specified once a year and continuously to meet a specific need. They are sustainable donations based on an agreement between you or your company and CIMA so that for a given period of years CIMA receives an agreed amount.

Your help is essential to ensure that more and more children and adolescents have the possibility of a better future every day.


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