Dear friend of CIMA,

Cordial greetings and my best wishes for you and your family. We always have pleasant memories concerning your visit and the values time which you shared with us and the special manner and special knowledge you gained living together with our boys.

We wish to inform you that in the year 2016 up to this year 2017, our home showed a lot of profitable improvements in the infrastructure (change of the water system, the drainage and the remodeling of the houses of the boys). During the year 2016 until this day, we could maintain our expenses level with small variations. But, due to the global economy situation the income donations dropped about 25% in 2016, which caused a disorder for the year 2017.

CIMA, needs your help

We like to ask you to collaborate with the obligations for the service we offer to the boys. Necessities which sound familiar for you knowing the reality of CIMA. We are grateful if you could transfer this subject to families and friends in order to receive more donations which can be sent to the foundation of your country or through Western Union.

With your help we can overcome the difficult situation.

We are very thankful to our friends and foundations who help us that CIMA could continue helping the boys who need help having a better future.

This year we organized a group of volunteers who are very well prepared persons. Their interest is to collect donations for a long term. This year starting September somebody will be helping us to fulfill this aim as a full-time job. For CIMA, it will be a reason to look positively into our future. We also are working on the new presentation and propagation of our home.

We thank you in advance for you kind attention.


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