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Para hacer una donación fuera de línea, le pedimos que siga estas instrucciones:

  1. Por favor, sírvase girar a nombre de Asociación CIMA en una de nuestras cuentas bancarias:
      • Dólares: 01044106004070-93
        CCI: 009-044-001106004070-93
      • Soles: 000441066009124
        CCI: 009-044-000106009124-94
      • Soles: 0004096754
        CCI: 009-064-000004096754-79
    • Banco de Crédito del Perú - BCP
      • Soles: 19324440460320M.N.
        CCI: 002193002444044603217
      • Dólares: 0433001391557
        CCI: 003-043-003001391557-71

2. Por favor envíenos copia del voucher de depósito indicándonos el proyecto seleccionado al correo: o al WhatsApp: 995-669-578

También puede realizar sus donaciones a través de nuestra cuenta YAPE 995-669-578

Todas las contribuciones serán reconocidas con gratitud y son deducibles de impuestos.


Donation Total: $20

CIMA decided to make Peruvian children and adolescence their absolute priority and bets on them!

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Bank Account

To make an offline donation, we ask that you follow these instructions:

  1. Please turn to the name of CIMA Association in one of our bank accounts:


    • Scotiabank
      • Dollars: 01044106004070-93
        CCI: 009-044-001106004070-93
      • Suns: 000441066009124
        CCI: 009-044-000106009124-94
      • Suns: 0004096754
        CCI: 009-064-000004096754-79
    • Banco de Crédito del PerúBCP
      • Suns: 193-2444046-0-32
        CCI: 002193002444044603217


    • Interbank
      • Dollars: 0433001391557
        CCI: 003-043-003001391557-71


2. Please send us a copy of the deposit voucher indicating the selected project to the mail: or WhatsApp: 995-669-578

All contributions will be gratefully recognized and tax deductible.

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CIMA’s mission is fully sustained by donations. It’s always been that way and we’re trying to keep it going. It is a work of human solidarity in which we believe deeply.

However, achieving this is not easy, especially given the fact that CIMA covers all the needs of its small inhabitants, from food, clothing and even oral hygiene, completely free of charge.

For this we have a number of donors who generously contribute each year, mostly from Europe, Canada and the USA. But given the crisis in many of these economies, both the amount of donations and the value (depreciated by the exchange rate) of the volume of donations, in real terms, has declined significantly, while, as anyone will understand, costs increase.

CIMA is actively working to obtain new and sustainable donors, but its contribution is very important and can make a huge difference. Our accounting is absolutely transparent, we have regular audits and the administrative costs are minimal so that your contribution reaches directly to the little ones.

You can know at any time when your donation is invested!

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