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CIMA decided to make Peruvian childhood and adolescence its absolute priority and bet on them!

CIMA’s mission is fully sustained by donations. It’s always been that way and we want it to remain so. It is a work of human solidarity in which we believe deeply.

However, achieving this is not easy, even more so given that CIMA covers all the needs of its small inhabitants, from food, clothing and to oral hygiene, completely free of charge. To do this we have a number of donors who generously contribute each year, mostly from Europe, Canada and the US. But given the crisis in many of these economies, both the amount of donations and the value (depreciated by the exchange rate) of the volume of donations, in real terms, has declined significantly, while, as everyone will understand, costs increase.

CIMA is actively working to obtain new and sustainable donors, but ITS contribution is very important and can make a huge difference. Our accounting is absolutely transparent, we have regular audits and administrative costs are minimal so that your contribution reaches directly to the little ones.

You can tell at all times when your donation is invested!

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¿Cómo Ayudar?

Diversos métodos:
apadrinar un niño en Perú
Sponsor a Child

Your help is essential to ensure that every day more children and adolescents have the possibility of having a better future.

donaciones en Perú
Special Donations

They are sustainable donations based on an agreement between you or your company and CIMA so that for a certain period of years

voluntariado en Perú

Every year we receive a significant number of people of different ages and countries, who stay in facilities that we have

Bank Transfer

To make your DONATIONS or money CONTRIBUTIONS:

Bank transfer to Peru:

Please turn in the name of CIMA Association in one of our bank accounts:

Account number US Dollars: 01044106004070
Bank: Scotiabank Peru SAA

Account number Soles: 409675400001
Bank: Scotiabank Peru SAA


Account number Soles: 193-2444046-0-32 M.N.
Bank: Credit Bank of Peru

If you live in Peru:

Please turn in the name of CIMA Association in one of our bank accounts:

  • Soles Account No: 409675400001
  • ICC No: 00906400000409675479


  • Dollars Account No.: 01044106004070
  • ICC No: 00904400110600407093


Current Account Suns No.

  • 193-2444046-0-32 M.N.
  • ICC No. 00219300244404603217

PayPal - Credit Card

Sponsor with a monthly amount of:
For the children of the house:
For the period of


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