If you are planning to volunteer at CIMA, it will be a great joy to have your contribution to our mission.

At home CIMA

There is always a lot of work to be done, so the support of volunteers and volunteers is very welcome.
Every year we receive a significant number of people from different ages and countries, who stay in facilities that we have for volunteering and give us their valuable contribution in work, joy and affection.


    Because we work with minors it is not only important but a legal obligation that we request certain documentation.

    • You, or any institution that backs you up, communicates either by phone or email with CIMA expressing your interest and the range of time you would like to be with us.
    • We will respond to your request promptly, indicating the documentation we require from you, and if necessary, from your backup institution.
    • Such information will be reviewed and we will also review the availability of space on the dates you wish to come, as space for volunteers is limited.
    • If everything is correct, we will answer you in the affirmative and we will be waiting for you with great joy.
    voluntariado en Perú

    In CIMA the volunteers have an exclusive area of rooms, kitchen and a living room, all shared.

    You can eat the same foods we eat, but if you want, you can cook your food in the volunteer kitchen.

    There are also bathrooms for the exclusive use of volunteers with hot water.

    Job offers

    If you are a dynamic, creative person and you think you can bring your knowledge and experience to our organization, we are interested in getting to know you.

    We look for specific professional profiles, but above all, people committed to our values.

    Our selection processes are governed by an equal opportunity policy,without any discrimination based on gender, age, race or religion.

    Send us your CV and we will consider your application for future processes. If you are currently studying and have a professional interest in the third sector, we offer you the possibility to carry out your internship in our organization.