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Sponsor a Child

With a monthly contribution from USD $ 20, the life of a child or adolescent improves and that of the whole environment.

To support CIMA, is to help our children and adolescents in improving their living conditions, is to shake the hand to accompany them in their process of change and give them the opportunity to have a more dignified and healthy life with their family.

At the CIMA Association, we have been working 29 years ago through sponsorship, because we know it is one of the most solid and successful forms for the care of children and adolescents. Sponsored children and adolescents access basic health, food and education care. The progress of the child or adolescent cannot be isolated, but is based on the improvement of his family and that of the entire community in which he lives. In this way, the change is structural and permanent.

Your help is essential to ensure that more and more children and adolescents have the possibility of a better future every day.

“Our main goal is to reintegrate the child/teen into their community and family when they feel ready. They are free to leave whenever they want: the will to change and stay is the key element of the CIMA methodology.

sponsoring children

¿Cómo Apadrinar?

Collective Sponsorship

CIMA’s sponsors support by contributing to a general fund to cover the school fees, food and health of all our children and adolescents.

This type of collective sponsorship supports all our children and adolescents, representing hope for all of them.

All residences welcome children and adolescents with problems of abuse, behavior, violence, abandonment, addictions, lack of self-control and at risk due to their social and family environment.

To support home is to contribute to the fight against inequalities and to give a chance to those who really need and want to change their lives.

Our Commitment

We guarantee all sponsors:

  • Donation income receipt
  • CIMA news on a regular basis
  • You’ll get a Christmas letter
  • You will be able to visit them on special dates and weekends when they are not on leave
  • You will receive news from a child or adolescent with a certain frequency in which some experiences and achievements will be shared during their stay in CIMA.

Companies and institutions have the possibility to receive a donation certificate for deduction on the payment of income tax up to the 10 deductible.

Apadrina Ahora


Click the DONATE NOW button in one of the residences or houses you want to sponsor, then just follow the instructions.

The following options are other ways to donate and/or sponsor


Comprometidos a dar lo mejor

Puedes confirmar tu compromiso de apadrinamiento ingresando tus datos y tiempo de apadrinamiento.


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