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April 2021 – Newsletter Nº 4

Smile Of The Month

My name is Jhonny Vargas. I am 13 years old and I have been at CIMA for 4 years. I am in the first year of secondary school, at the Blas Pascal school. I appreciate that at CIMA educators and teachers give me advices. There are several workshops where we learn the basis of various crafts and arts. I value people who give the best of themselves to help me. Life is very happy at CIMA! I really like the farm workshop, both animal husbandry and agriculture. I get along well with all my companions. I love interacting with them playing soccer, cards, marbles and spinning. As an adult I want to be a policeman to help and protect people.

Workshops And Activities



Today we present the hydroponics workshop, led by Professor Edy Fonseca. She had started a small hydroponics project in her classroom several years ago. The group of volunteers from the Fernie school in Canada became interested in this Project. They built what is now the hydroponics area. In this workshop, children learn the technique of growing plants without using agricultural soil. This cultivation system allows the production of strawberries, celery, basil, different types of lettuce and other plants. When we see that a teenager is very interested in learning, we offer him a course on Saturdays at the Agrarian University of La Molina. Hydroponics is an activity that young people can do at home with a minimal investment.


hermes barrios

Hermes Barrios Ex – CIMA

Hello, I came to CIMA in 1992. At the beginning, it was very difficult for me to be able to change my life because I had been on the street for almost 4 years and with all the bad habits of that time (Theft, Alcohol and Drugs). In spite of everything, at CIMA I found that peace and love that I had sought so much. With the support of all the staff and my own efforts I managed to get ahead by overcoming my street problems and being a good person. CIMA for me is the best family home I had, because there I learned self-esteem, humility, respect and love for others. Values that I apply today in my own family. Currently, I work as Head of Logistics in one of the largest companies in the metalworking industry in Perú. I am very happy in what I do.

Anne Crabbe

Anne Crabbe Denys de Lozano Collaborator

I have known CIMA since the beginning in Puno Street in the year 1990. The first secretary of CIMA, Annick Delestre, invited me to visit the place. From there I have had a lot of contact with Myra Bowen, a member of CIMA board of directors to date. This is how little by little I have developed my interest in the home. One day, 26 years ago, Father Jean-Louis Lebel asked me if he could come to CIMA to collaborate as his secretary. This is how I entered the world of CIMA. I have always liked to help as a secretary and nurse which is my second profession. Until now I feel part of CIMA. My work is not an usual one, but it is rather an apostolate. That is, to help with what is needed, what can be done, what the Lord has given me as a talent. My role in the first place is attending the requirements of the presidency and the direction. I also see the communication with Peruvian and foreign donors. It is easy for me because of the knowledge of the languages. It is a pleasure to be able to serve our friends in general. First are the minors. When there is a health problem, I try to alleviate it or coordinate with the health professionals at the medical post. I do not think about retirement, it is better to continue until the Lord allows me to work. I feel good and I give the best of my physical, mental and spiritual strength. Thank you CIMA for helping those who need the most among children and adolescents.


Elise Gonnet

Ayud’art Foundation

Elise came to CIMA for the first time in 2001, accompanied by two people. She returned as a volunteer every year from 2002 to 2009. 20 years ago, Elise founded Ayud’art Association, the purpose of which is to help CIMA. Currently the association has approximately 230 members. Ayud’art buys various Peruvian products that are sold at fairs throughout France. In addition, Elise is dedicated to project implementation, training future volunteers for CIMA and many more activities. We are very grateful for the sustained support that Ayud’art has given us throughout these years. Thanks to Elise and her wonderful team.


Reopening of the Dental Office

Welcome to doctors Juan Carlos Cerna, María Isabel Farfán and Gabriela García, dentists who are supporting in CIMA dental office. They are checking each child’s teething. In addition to doing the cures, they are prepare a medical history and a care program for every child. We are extremely grateful to them for their dedication and commitment. Their presence fills a great void, because In the last two years we did not have dentists.

Welcome to the new children.

We welcome the following children who entered CIMA in the month of April:

  • Carlos Villavicencio – 16 years old
  • Jorge Bacilo – 14 years old
  • Heros Estacio – 13 years old
  • Carlos Gonzales – 12 years old
  • Hítalo Lino – 12 years old
  • Ángel Cruz – 12 years old
  • Christofer Alanya – 14 years old

We hope you have a happy and profitable stay in our home.

Easter at CIMA

During Holy Week, we have had internal activities that have allowed us to fully experience that very special moment. On Easter Sunday, a game was organized in which both adults and children participated. This game consisted of looking for chocolates that had been hidden throughout CIMA, using a map,. The children really enjoyed this game and the chocolate they found.

Respira Cieneguilla

There was a campaign to buy an oxygen plant for the Cieneguilla district. CIMA has participated in the commission that had been formed for this purpose. The money raised was not enough for this purchase and the municipality of Cieneguilla decided to buy the oxygen plant. The money raised will be used to purchase oxygen concentrators, cylinders, and other accessories.

Catechesis 2021

We welcome the Los Boscos team led by Antonio Chipana. They will be in charge of catechesis this year. We also want to thank José Luis Luna and Los Moscatis, who have done an excellent work last year. We wish you much happiness in your new mission.


Our sincere condolences to Professor Hernán Escalante for the loss of his mother who passed away on April 14. The entire CIMA community is with you Hernán.

Cueto La Rosa


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