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Newsletter Nº 8

Smile of the Month

Smile of the Month

Jeremy Condori

Hello, my name is Jeremy Condori. I’m 11. I’ve been living at CIMA for a year and CIMA is very special to me because people here welcomed me here like a son. I feel very happy because I like the music workshop. I learned to play the guitar, the tambourine, the chajcha and other instruments such as the zampoña. Without CIMA I would be nobody, I would still be lost, alone, in the street of Lima.

Workshops and Various Activities

Technical initiation workshop – welding

Technical initiation workshop

Teenagers who are over 13 years of age may learn welding in the technical initiation workshop. Safety in handling equipment is a very important factor. Wearing gloves, a mask, glasses, work shoes and an apron is essential before starting any job. To be allowed to handle the tools, the boys receive the necessary instructions to avoid possible accidents.

Students first learn how the welding machine works with its amperages. They are taught to distinguish between the different metals used in the process which can be iron, copper, bronze, aluminium, gold or silver. In addition, students are taught how to measure the various types of electrodes.

The students, after turning on the welding machine, learn arc-ignition, which consists of making an arc of fire with the electrode. They also learn to make points, unions, strokes, cuts and bending iron.

Professor Felipe Quispe is in charge of the workshop.


ex cima

Jhon Bruce Santiago


Hello, my name is Jhon Bruce Santiago. I am currently working as an administrator in a shopping center. CIMA represents a before and after in my life: before coming to CIMA, I lived on the streets, in a world of drugs, alcohol and total debauchery. Upon arriving at CIMA, I found the warmth of a family and the guidance of the tutors. They helped me to shape myself as a person, and above all, to understand how much better life is without drugs. I am and will be eternally grateful to the home, but above all to my old father Jean-Louis. He gave me the warmth, love and patience to be the person I am now. I couldn’t tell you what would have happened to me if I did not make it to CIMA. I also want to thank my second mother, my godmother Rosario Quillas, who was the one who helps me become a good man for society.

Greetings to the teachers, tutors and brothers who form CIMA.

Felipe Quispe


Hi everyone. Many already know me and for those who do not know me, my name is Felipe Quispe. I teach technical initiation at the CIMA home where I arrived as a student in 1993. This is why I started working here: it is an honor for me to work with such talented children and young people, and with my colleagues. This is the main reason why I want to work at CIMA. I dreamed to work with street children, and teach them everything that I learned over time. When I see the young children who come here, I realize how much affection and love they need to build their lives. As time went by, I became part of their family, with the ability of being a father to them. The most important thing is that I have been able to appreciate the love and respect they have for me in return. They feel protected in my presence. I bring them a lot of joy and when a boy is sad, I start dancing to make him smile and forget his sadness.

I teach various technical abilities so that students have a practical knowledge foundation when they decide to leave the home, and are prepared to support their family. Many young people who are no longer at CIMA contact me regularly and call me ‘Dad’ because they feel that I am part of their family. That fills me with great strength to continue working at CIMA together with my dear friend Jean-Louis. I do not do this for the money but because it is a beautiful vocation that God has given me: to give a lot of love and affection to each one of the kids at CIMA.

Felipe Quispe

Taking advantage of the moment, I thank CIMA for its great support. Without this support, I would not be able to fulfil my mission, which is to serve young children and my working companions. Thank you.


Kindermissionswerk Foundation

The Kindermissionswerk, Die Sternsinger ‘foundation is the Children’s Missionary Society of the Catholic Church in Germany. The foundation has been supporting CIMA for many years. We highly value the affection and friendly consideration of both the leaders and the staff. On several occasions, we had the joy of receiving the visit of representatives of this foundation. We are grateful for the trust they have shown us throughout the years.

Birthday of the Month:

We congratulate the children, adolescents and collaborators who have their birthday this month. We wish you all a happy year.

Yound children:

  • Luis jara
  • Carlos Gonzales
  • Boris Olivares
  • Luis Palomino
  • Miguel Juárez


  • Jorge Saavedra
  • Carlos Pacheco

Welcome home

We wish a happy stay at CIMA to:

  • Ángelo Fernández
  • Franco López
  • Aldair Ramos


  • Laying of the first stone of the new pedestrian bridge. The Municipality of Cieneguilla has begun the renovation of the Algodonal – Malecón Lurín pedestrian bridge with a ground-breaking ceremony. CIMA was invited to participate in this ceremony, and a group of children attended this event with their coordinator and Father Jean-Louis.
Laying of the first stone of the new pedestrian bridge.
  • We received the pleasant visit of María Elena La Rosa and two coaches from the Cueto La Rosa soccer academy. They organized a training session followed by a soccer game with CIMA’s children and adolescents. We thank you for the donation of food, sports clothing and soccer balls that you have brought us.
Cueto La Rosa soccer academy
  • Our friend César Garate has made a 360-degree panoramic video of the activities that take place in the different environments and workshops of CIMA. Thank you very much, Cesar.
  • On Sunday 29, the management of CIMA called parents to a meeting.
  • Tennis teacher Andrés Landeo, a friend of Jashua Saavedra, came to teach the boys how to play tennis for two days. The children have shown great interest and have participated with great enthusiasm. Thank you very much, Andrés.


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