Infocima July 2021

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Newsletter Nº 7

Smile of the Month


José Luis Romero

Hello, I am 18 years old. Many are surprised by my age, but I will soon be retiring from the home. CIMA, has helped me improve my behaviour and appreciate what I have. Thanks to CIMA, I know what I want to have and what I want to be in life. What I like the most about CIMA is being able to share all my activities with my companions. I also like being part of the production team of the painting on fabric workshop, as I really like to draw. Thank you CIMA! Note: José Luis, has been an excellent collaborator in various activities: logistical support in audio-visual equipment, support in collecting donations. In addition, José Luis has always shown an excellent attitude.

Workshops And Activities

Nursery garden

In the farm workshop, we have a nursery where we grow different ornamental plants, fruit trees, aromatic, and medicinal herbs. Vegetable seedlings are also prepared. Many of the children and teens are keen to grow plants and transplant them into the gardens surrounding their pavilion. Thus, little by little the house looks more and more beautiful.


Jorge Luis Ruiz Veliz


Hello, I am 40 years old. I currently work at the SINERGIA POR LA INFANCIA home, which carries out social works in vulnerable populations. I work as a social educator and sports teacher. It is my fourth job in this field, and I already have 15 years of experience.

CIMA means light, help, hope, home, childhood, change and social reintegration. Thanks to CIMA, I did not become another statistic of young people who make bad decisions and end up in prison. I came to CIMA when I was 8 years old, and the adaptation was difficult. I had a relapse and moments of struggle with myself until I understood what I wanted for my life.

All of this could be possible thanks to the people who worked at CIMA and their vocation to help others. I also want to thank all the foundations and groups that support CIMA with their contributions. Do not stop doing it because you save many lives.

Hernan Escalante


Hello, in August of this year I will be 17 years collaborating in CIMA, working first as a computer science teacher. Now I am responsible of the systems area, and I am also a member of the funds collection team. How quickly goes the time spent with children and adolescents. I have given a large part of my life to the cause of CIMA.

When I first came to CIMA in August 2004, I thought I would end my employment relationship with CIMA in December of the same year. When the day came my life had been transformed. I went from being materialistic to being more human. I learned to see the pain and needs of other people and that not everything in life revolves around one and his family. There are always other people with equal or greater problems such as street children called in a disrespectful way, piranhas, or thieves. These children are not to blame for the situation in which they lived. Some of them were abandoned by their parents, others are orphans or come from a dysfunctional family. Each child or adolescent has a different situation from the others. Each of them is unique and has a great value. Many times, society does not realize it, treats these children badly and discriminates them.

Dealing with each of these children taught me to be a better parent to my own children. I also learned to love the children of CIMA as if they were mine. This was not easy but it was not difficult either, because I think the recipe is to follow the words of Jesus when he said “Love your neighbour as yourself.” Well, it is with love, patience, faith and commitment that the best results are achieved.

Thanks to my wife and my four children for accompanying me in this noble task.
My wife and my four children

It is very gratifying every time an Ex-CIMA returns to visit us, because we can see the achievements made. It is also very moving when one receives a hug with “thank you teacher”. Today I am very thankful for the opportunity I had to know CIMA, and thus open my eyes to the reality of the difficult situation that many people live in my country. Thanks to Father Jean-Louis and my co-workers. Thousands of thanks to those children and adolescents from whom I learned to value life.

Thanks to my wife and my four children for accompanying me in this noble task.


Père-Ménard Foundation

Since the beginning of CIMA, the Père-Ménard Foundation was present, providing solid financial support and engaging other foundations to support our home. Currently the foundation helps us with various projects. We are very grateful to the foundation, its president Denis Gauthier and its general director Miriam Castro. Miriam has visited us on several occasions and her friendship is precious to us.


Birthday of the Month:

We congratulate the children, adolescents and collaborators who have their birthday this month. We wish you all a happy year.


  • Jordin Infante


  • Rosa Moscol
  • Moisés Santos
  • Félix Huillca

Welcome home

We wish Boris a happy stay at CIMA. He came two weeks ago.

Recognition to the founder of CIMA

On July 27, Mr. Edwin Subileti, mayor of the municipality of Cieneguilla, awarded a diploma of recognition and a medal to Jean-Louis Lebel, on the Bicentennial of the independence of Peru. His hard work in training and reintegrating children and young people into their family and into society was recognized.

Acknowledgment and thanks to the educator Augusto Albinagorta

For his 18 years of service as an educator at CIMA, tribute was paid to Augusto. We had a lunch with the participation of all the children and collaborators. Augusto has been an excellent tutor. He never let down guard and was always attentive to the needs of the children. When the Ex-CIMA come to visit, they always ask for him. They are all very grateful for the advice and guidance that Augusto gave them.

Teacher’s day celebration.

On Teacher’s Day, the work of the teachers who collaborate at CIMA was recognized. We value their dedication in the school accompaniment of our children and adolescents.

Aid agreement of the company “La Ladrillera”

La Ladrillera is a Peruvian company that produces fine products, such as jams, dehydrated vegetables, and fruits, etc. On Saturday, July 3, we signed an agreement with Mr. Alfonso García, Chairman of the Board, and Mrs. Teresa Graña, General Manager. With this agreement, an official touch was put on the important help that the company has been giving us for a long time.

National Holiday July 28 and 29.

At CIMA we celebrate the national holiday by organizing two days of sports and recreational activities. Four teams were formed, and the competitions were very close.


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