Infocima June 2021

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June 2021 – Newsletter Nº 6

Smile of the Month

Smile of the Month

Oscar Yupanqui

Hello, I am 16 years old and I have been at CIMA for 4 years. I like to play soccer with my teammates. In the same way, playing musical instruments makes me feel good. At CIMA I learned to play guitar, drums and electronic bass. I belong to the CIMA musical group called Wayra Marka. I love taking care of farm animals, especially cows and sheep. I thank CIMA for having helped me a lot in my change of attitude. Before, I was very rebellious.

Workshops And Activities

Guitar course in the music workshop,

Guitar course in the music workshop,

This course offered to CIMA children and adolescentsis divided into basicintermediate and advanced levels. 80% of the course is practical. In theorychildren learn about the parts that make up a guitar, the notes, chords, and scales. Boys who want to learn at an advanced level are oriented to develop the theoretical part much more: music readingintervalsmelodies and compositionStudents also learn to differentiate between musical genres.


ex cima

Antonio Wong – 43 years old


Hello, my experience at CIMA was the milestone that changed my life back in 1992. This was the year that I entered this institution, which gave me many things such as affection, education, values, which in every home should be achieved . I met father Jean-Louis Lebel who was not only an educator but also a father to all of us in the home. We received education in public schools. Thanks to the values ​​that I received in CIMA, I could continue with my studies towards my improvement.

I did my military service and then made a course in private investigation. Afterwords I studied heavy and light vehicle rescue. Today I work as a heavy crane operator technician. It is there where I put my knowledge into practice.  I also want to say that everything I have and everything I am I owe to father Jean Louis Lebel, because without his help  I would not be in this position. He is and always will be the father of us all and he is always in the hearts of all his children.  Thank you very much for everything father Jean-Louis Lebel. 


Augusto Albinagorta


I am a C3 group educator. I joined CIMA in 2004 and came with the experience of having worked in other homes. He had also been interned in a home like this at the age of 14, having had the experience of living on the street. All this helped me to know the psychology of the child, the adolescent and the young person on the street and thus be able to help them and above all to recover them for society.

I want to thank the founder of this magnificent work, Father Jean-Louis Lebel, who earned my respect and admiration for the hard work that he carries out within the institution. He has not only supported us in the disciplinary part, but also in the academic part, which is fundamental in the development of children.

For me, it is gratifying to see the results of all this work, to see many young professionals, technicians, soldiers, traders, etc.

I want to invite all kindhearted people to support this magnificent work.


Children's City

Robert Lemli

I want to introduce you to Robert Lemli, a great German friend. I met him when I arrived in Peru when I was a volunteer in a home called La Ciudad de Los Niños in 1987. Robert, has witnessed the beginnings of CIMA and from that moment he supports our home. Robert was a very successful businessman. He left everything to come to Peru where he founded the home Aldea Peru to help street children. After many years of intense work running the home, Robert has handed it over to the organization Aldeas Infantiles SOS Perú. I am more than grateful for Robert’s friendship and his generous contribution to the cause of CIMA.

Jean-Louis Lebel.


Birthday of the Month:


  • José Común 13 years old
  • Heroj Estacio 13 years old
  • Diego Calderón 14 years old
  • Jeremy Condori 11 years old
  • Ronald Quispe 17 years old


  • Ann Crabbe de Lozano
  • Yudi Neyra

People as special as you deserve all the happiness in the world and much more. Happy Birthday!

Welcome home

Came back to CIMA after being with his family for a few months.

  • Janter Villalobos

CIMA Anniversary

CIMA Anniversary

On Tuesday 15th. , we celebrated the 31st anniversary of CIMA. As last year it has not been possible to invite friends and ex CIMA boys , due to the pandemic. We have had a community lunch in the gardens near the grotto. On this occasion, the Wayra Marka group enjoyed us with their musical repertoire. Also we organised some activities for the anniversary, such as the internal Olympics.

We received a surprise gift on our anniversary day: 10 little sheep and a horse offered by a neighbor. It is the first time we have a horse at CIMA and the children are very enthousiastic.

Activity for father’s day.

On Friday the 18th, we had a celebration for all the fathers who are collborating in CIMA. The event could not be held on Sunday, because many collaborators are not on duty. There was a community lunch in which the musicians offered us various pieces from their repertoire. Some children have also amused us with their riddles and poems. Each father received a small gift. We are very grateful for the dedication and contribution of each of them.

Tales contest.

The Municipality of Cieneguilla has organized a tale contest. In the children’s category, two CIMA boys: César Zacarías and José Pérez, received an award for having obtained second and third place respectively. In addition, CIMA has been awarded for being the institution that has presented the most stories.

6.0 degree earthquake

On Tuesday 22 at 10 o’clock at night, there was an earthquake of grade 6 on the Richter scale. Children and adults have reacted quickly, which means that everyone is prepared for any emergency situation. This gives us peace of mind. We periodically organise rapid evacuation exercises. Many earthquakes occur on the Peruvian coast.

Cueto La Rosa


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