Infocima March 2021

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The newsletter of CIMA home

March 2021 – Newsletter Nº 3


Smile Of The Month

Hello, my name is Erick. I’m 14 years old and I’ve been in CIMA for 3 years. I like the music and farm workshops. In the music workshop I learned to play the panpipes and I always learn new songs. In the farm workshop I learn to plant and take care of the animals. I also like to play sports with my companions.

Workshops And Various Activities

Fabric painting workshop.

fabric painting

The fabric painting workshop was founded by Mrs. Michèle Cordiez more than 20 years ago. The teacher Rosa Moscol has been directing the workshop for several years. This workshop allows children and teenagers to express their feelings and channel their emotions.

painting bags

They learn to concentrate and have patience when things don’t go their way. Over the years, many talents have been discovered, many times overshadowed by so many difficult experiences in the past.


Ex-cima educator

Miguel Fiestas

Hello, i spent 2 years in the home due to behavioral problems and drugs use.
I have been working as an educator in CIMA for 10 years; I help and guide the children as they once did for me. CIMA is a light in my life!
Thank you JEAN-LOUIS for existing and giving an opportunity for change to the children and adolescents of Peru.

cima nigth guardian

Mauro Chocce

Hello, i have been working at CIMA for 23 years as a night watchman. I am also in charge of the maintenance of the wastewater treatment plant. I started working at CIMA as a watchman in the carpentry shop.
After two years I kept working in CIMA because I liked the environment and the way I was treated.
In addition, I became attached to the children, whom I consider as my own children. With them we share joys and also difficult moments. I learn as much from the children as they learn from me.
I am still involved in the commitment up to now and will continue as long as my health allows me to do so.
First of all, I thank Jean-Louis, a person who welcomed me and continues to welcome me until now. I also thank the staff and the children for whom we are committed.


Adolphe et roger ducharme

Gilles Ducharme

Adolphe et Roger Ducharme Foundation

Gilles Ducharme directs the Adolphe et Roger Ducharme Foundation. In addition to being a personal friend, he and the foundation have been supporting CIMA for nearly 30 years.
We are extremely grateful to Gilles for his dedication to CIMA’s cause!
The children and the staff of CIMA greatly appreciate your friendship and your enormous contribution to our home.


Inauguration of the cold room

cold room

On March 15, the cold storage room was inaugurated here at CIMA. After 2 years of coordinating this project, we were able to carry it out.
Many times we receive fruits, vegetables, dairy products and other foods that have a near expiration date. The cold storage is a tremendous help since it allows the preservation of these perishable foods at low temperatures.
The realization of this project

cold room

has been possible thanks to the Friopacking Group that, in coordination with Mr. Dario Gastelo of the Rotary Club Lima Colonial of Peru and Mrs. Susanna Salvador of the Rotary Club Villamarin of Italy, made possible the donation of a cold room for CIMA .
Many thanks to the companies that have collaborated in this project:
Friopacking, Metacold, Precor, Frioteam, Smartcold and Roenest.

Start of the 2021 school year

back to school

On March 15, the 2021 school year officially began in Peru. Our children and teenagers showed great excitement and enthusiasm for the return to school.
We started the season virtually as the covid 19 situation in Peru is still going strong.
Last year, thanks to the efforts of the teachers and several volunteers, all students were promoted to the next grade. This result was achieved in spite of the situation we had to live through worldwide. We hope to have the same success this year.


Confirmation of 12 Teenagers

On Saturday, March 27, 12 adolescents received the Sacrament of Confirmation. Father Carlos Carrillo, parish priest of Cieneguilla, has celebrated mass and confirmed our young people in the CIMA home.
We wish them many blessings.

Cueto La Rosa


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