I arrived in CIMA in the beginning of January, during the holiday time. It is the best moment to get to know the children, because they have more free time. Thanks to that, I was able to spend a lot of time speaking with them, which was really helpful for learning Spanish. I was afraid that coming to Peru without speaking Spanish would be a problem. But I was surprised to see that the kids were always coming speaking with me, even if I wasn’t able to understand a lot.
I share my days with the children of CIMA. In the morning I help in the workshops. At least one of the volunteers is in the kitchen. They always need help. We also give particular lessons. Because it is holiday time, they are not obliged to attend to this class. But many boys asked us to teach them foreign languages. I teach French to four boys in a regular way, and sometimes French or English to other ones in the afternoon.

clases-idiomasAfternoon is free for the kids. So I try to entertain them by playing with them, in order to make sure that they don’t get bored. When they get bored, they think about going back to the street. For that reason, I play a lot with them and mostly cards. I thought them few games, and in return they thought me other ones. Also, some afternoons, the tutors organize special activities. Volunteers can participate. I went for example to the river with them, and climbed the mountains.
The boys are really curious of knowing the culture of the volunteers’ country. “How is it in France? People are different?”. Volunteers from other countries are a good opportunity for the boys to discover new things. And living with them is also a good opportunity for me to know more about the Peruvian culture, another way of thinking.
The children are also glad to speak about personal things with the volunteers, things they don’t want to say to the other boys. That’s why we spend a lot of time talking with them. I am really impressed by the way they laugh and have fun after all the traumatic events they lived.
If I had to resume my two first months in CIMA, I would say “A beautiful human adventure”. It feels good to wake up in the morning knowing that I will work for a good purpose. I can’t wait for living the adventures of the next four months!

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