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Where lives hope!

The Center for the Integration of Minors in Abandonment – CIMA is a non-profit entity that provides comprehensive care to children and adolescents who live on the street or are in high-risk situations and require rehabilitation, in order to reintegrate them into their homes and society.

CIMA hosts:

  • Children and adolescents suffering from
  • Those who have lost all hope
  • Those who have been rejected by his family.

CIMA's institutional philosophy

“So many times in their lives, these children have suffered rejection and exclusion. Multiple failures, abandonments and disappointments have led them to doubt themselves and any adult who pretends to want to help them. The only way to achieve true change is to offer them a deep, personal and unconditional love and an alternative that they can freely choose to the existence of self-destruction that they live on the street. The child whose self-esteem was at zero level upon arrival again believes in himself, to believe in others. Surgery or therapy of love has caused what seemed impossible: a profound change that returns the chances of a adapted and happy life. This long and difficult process of liberation does not imply in any way weakness, lack of demand on the part of educators or lack of discipline. On the contrary, to understand well what the child lives and his needs means to offer him a framework of safety, limits and discipline that he so much needs to find himself again. It is all that through this laborious and demanding process of self-regulation, the child is known to be accepted and loved.”

Jean-Louis Lebel
Jean-Louis Lebel


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Consulting with creative, customized end-to-end solutions