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  • (01)479 9040 / (01)479 8201

Impact of Intervention

During their stay at CIMA, children gain emotional stability that allows them to develop their self-confidence and self-esteem. This process of personal development is of greater importance to give them the ability to face the challenges of life and manage conflict situations in a positive way. They become mature and long to get ahead and get ahead.

Also at CIMA children develop discipline, life hygiene and restructure their lifestyle. They learn the values of work, effort, respect for others and the norms of coexistence and a sense of responsibility. They also develop the social skills necessary to achieve a successful reintegration into society.

preparación técnica
lifelong education

Finally, CIMA prepares them for the future, providing them with support to resume and finish their schooling and also a technical training that allows them to acquire the basic knowledge to develop autonomously in their adult life.

Throughout its 29 years of work, CIMA has hosted around 2,600 children, of whom an estimated 70 has succeeded in achieving their family and social reintegration, and the 30 has relapsed after the egress, often due to an early departure against the will of the team.

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