ayudar a niños en Perú Have a better future! Together We Will Achieve That Every day more Children CIMA - A Home Where Hope Lives! I WANT TO SPONSOR orfanatos en lima Of personal development Education and Workshops Contribute a lot to The Process CIMA - A Home Where Hope Lives! I WANT TO SPONSOR amor y compromiso That covers the affective void Children Find in CIMA a space of Affection and Love CIMA - A Home Where Hope Lives! I WANT TO SPONSOR


The life of a child and that of his surroundings.

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  1. Por favor, sírvase girar a nombre de Asociación CIMA en una de nuestras cuentas bancarias:
      • Dólares: 01044106004070-93
        CCI: 009-044-001106004070-93
      • Soles: 000441066009124
        CCI: 009-044-000106009124-94
      • Soles: 0004096754
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    • Banco de Crédito del Perú - BCP
      • Soles: 19324440460320M.N.
        CCI: 002193002444044603217
      • Dólares: 0433001391557
        CCI: 003-043-003001391557-71

2. Por favor envíenos copia del voucher de depósito indicándonos el proyecto seleccionado al correo: cimalpe@hogarcima.org o al WhatsApp: 995-669-578

También puede realizar sus donaciones a través de nuestra cuenta YAPE 995-669-578

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Children and Adolescents in Difficulty

CIMA, Child Integration Center in Abandonment is a non-profit organization whose mission is to offer a new life to the street child or who is in high-risk situations.

CIMA celebrates 30 years of existence, thanks to friends, volunteers and the support of organizations that believe in our work. We continue to strive to provide our young people with a home that will enable them to meet their basic needs, overcome their problems, and achieve comprehensive development.

Jorge Saavedra Salas

Sustainable Development Goals

We offer a

Home With Hope

CIMA’s values are in harmony with a deep love for others within a humanist and Christian context.

We make great efforts to give the child a home where…

We are in the Mission

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World With Humanity

Provide help and hope to children.

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We're In a Mission

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